Crunchy shrimp tacos, smoking hot grilled chicken with goat cheese salad, fat steamy meatballs coated in red sauce, sausage sliders, ratatouille, hot dogs smothered every which way, a crisp catfish BLT so beautiful my eyes came right out of my head, and I swore that was the first truck I would head to for my lunch. The tempting smells and sights tickled my hunger pangs until they giggled out loud.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the heart of the Brady District sits Guthrie Green, a large square block of grass encompassing urban garden and performance space. I loved the green in the midst of city brick and steel. On Wednesdays at lunchtime about eighteen colorful food trucks pull up along the curb on the south side of the Green and stretch around the corners. The action, the aromas, the music, the excitement and the people equal a high quality good time.

Josh’s Sno Shack, www.joshssnoshack.com serving shaved ice, and Lick Your Lips, selling mini-donuts, were the first trucks that caught my eye. I loved the slogan at Lola’s Caravan: Life Is Short – Eat at Lola’s. They offered egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches, grilled chicken with the goat cheese salad, and a host of other items.


Mangiamo is known for meatballs and pasta sauces. They make their own meatballs. This is a third generation Italian Restaurant family with some of the best-known Italian food in Tulsa. Meatballs are their biggest seller.



The hot dogs at the Doghouse www.doghouseTulsa.com have been voted Tulsa’s best. The Tulsa Dog with cream cheese is a fast moving item. They serve hot dogs with all kind of toppings and chili. Pita Place www.pita-place.com called to me. As a Detroiter on a three-week road trip I was missing middle eastern food. Surrender the Booty looked interesting. The Lone Wolf offered Asian Food and boasted the longest line on the day I was there. Cactus Jack’s BBQ Truck most surely custom built. In Tulsa, BBQ is very popular.


Local Table had that beautiful catfish BLT, as well as other yummy food like a short rib sandwich. Plum Delicious featured plum-soy chicken, lamb pita and people were going nuts for the pork tacos. Two Chefs on Wheels advertised carne asada burritos. I wanted to try that. Brownies Hamburgers www.brownies-hamburgers.com looked like a real favorite with onion rings and homemade root beer. And for all the sushi lovers: In the Raw Sushi www.intherawsushi.com.



I ended up buying my lunch at Bohemia Moveable Feasts. The purple truck was a definite plus. It’s decoration is memorable. I saw them later in the week at the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market. But it was the crowd, the tempting aromas and the welcoming food seller that drew me to that truck. I loved my crunchy shrimp taco. I believe it was gulf shrimp, cooked perfectly. I also had a spinach and mushroom taco, delicious. This is the truck that offered ratatouille for vegan friends. I observed that many trucks had vegetarian offerings. Most of the trucks had some sweet way to end your lunch if you are so inclined.

Fresh air, live music, satisfying food, and lunch with family. It can’t get more joyful than that. Though I have to admit I’m still dreaming of that Catfish BLT I didn’t have. Next time I’m in Tulsa it will be at the top of the list. Food Truck Wednesday at Guthrie Green was definitely a high point of the 2013 Tulsa experience.


Find all food trucks on Facebook. And check out TulsaFoodTrucks on Facebook.

Thanks to the September issue of Tulsa People for verifying spellings and other facts I couldn’t decipher from my hastily written notes. The smell of food distracted me. Perhaps note-taking would be more successful after eating.


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