West Coast Blog Reader Susan Maxheim Carter with the author at Mystery Ink in Huntington Beach. Doesn’t the cake look delicious? Susan is a big fan who knows the author and turned me on to her books. Thanks Susan, and Thanks for the pictures!


Murder in Saint-Germain
Author: Cara Black
Publisher: Soho Press 2017
Genre: Mystery
Hardcover Edition: 326 Pages
Source: personal copy

Can you think of anything more enjoyable than visiting Paris with this heroine Aimee Leduc. For those who have visited Paris it must be a heavenly revisitation. Our Aimee leads us on a merry time, even if it is a murder mystery.

A Brigade Criminelle Agent and friend prevails upon Aimee to help with acomplicated case. Along with her business and an 8 month old baby our woman of the hour has her hands full. She is undaunted.

This is a complex episode for Aimee and as such the reader is sometimes taxed mentally to keep tabs on the action. That’s not a bad thing. Readers will especially enjoy all the beauty tip touches Aimee employs to keep her feminine self afloat and looking good, sometimes amazingly so, all while a baby and a business occupy her mind. She has much support from friends and co-workers. The reader cheers for her support system almost as much as one cheers for Aimee.

I encourage you to pick this one up especially if you love Paris and or mysteries. You will be turning the pages as fast as you can.

Cara Black’s books may be fairly new to me, but she has authored seventeen books in this bestselling Aimee Leduc series. She has been nominated for various awards and her books have been translated into many languages. She writes of Paris with an insider’s knowledge and that is part of the fun. Join her for some time in historic portions of the city.

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  1. Susan Carter

    So glad you enjoyed the book, Paulette. I’m not quite finished but am loving it as usual. All of her books have a somewhat complex historical or political plot woven in to keep the reader on his or her toes and this one is certainly no different. Her first book “Murder in the Marais” takes you back to the history of the Marais during WWII when they were rounding up the Jews & it hooked me. I’ve learned a lot about the different areas of Paris from the books as Cara really does her homework.


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