Born With Teeth
Author: Kate Mulgrew
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Little, Brown and Co. 2015
Hardcover Edition: 302 pages
Source: Library Copy

Kate Mulgrew is an American actress who first became well-known for her role in the TV Soap Opera Ryan’s Hope. She has done much theater, film and TV work of note. She is the winner of a Golden Satellite Award, an Obie Award, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Currently, she is arguably the most interesting character on the comedy/drama for Netflix Orange Is the New Black. Her success as a actress may well be built on heartbreak and grit.

She was raised as part of a large unconventional Irish family in Dubuque Iowa. She tells her story with grace and shows us her talent and ability to take risks at the right time. She doesn’t over analyze but sticks to the facts with as much objectivity as anyone can when relating their heart, soul, and life.

The book is a fast read. She writes lovely prose. Her distinctive voice, honesty and humor carry the reader along at an easy clip. The book is well-edited and well-structured making the most of the material and connecting with the reader. Mulgrew is a woman of beauty and passion. I’d like to know her better. She extends herself in telling us about her loves and sorrows. Any reader will thank her for that. Her life is as vivid as the red hair she owns in her role as “Red” Reznikov on Orange Is The New Black.

When I finished this book, I could only shake my head and say, “What a woman!”

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