“I tremble with gratitude
for my children and their children…”

This opening from a Wendell Berry poem brought to mind the heart full of thankfulness I felt at our recent family reunion. Though we don’t often think of summer as the time to read poetry, I do believe anytime is a time for poetry. It lifts the heart and soul.

So, now in the center of summer, is giving away five books of poetry. All have been used by this poetry reader and there are occasional notations. Still, they are gifts to be enjoyed. You could be one of the lucky winners.

Enter by commenting on this post. Click on the word “Replies” at the top of the post under the title. Finish this sentence: I would like to win a book of poetry because…..
Or say anything you would like to say. Entries will close at midnight on Friday, June 10 and poetry volumes for the winners will be mailed early the next week.

Among the poets whose work you could win are Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry and Pulitzer winner Louise Gluck, as well as others.

From Mary Oliver – “Take your busy heart to the art museum and the chamber of commerce but take it also to the forest.” That’s what a poem can do for you.

Good luck. Thanks for entering the contest.

5 thoughts on “WIN A BOOK OF POETRY

  1. Lee

    I would like to win a book of poetry because it would remind me of the day’s past when I wrote poetry esp. of feelings and love.

  2. Susan Carter

    I would like to win a book of poetry because I love reading poetry when I’m under stress or nervous about something as it truly does soothe the soul.


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