This month I’m giving away five slightly used cookbooks. You can win one.

Please enter by commenting on this post. Click on Replies and you are in business. Please respond by naming your favorite category of recipes or just comment on cookbooks in a way that makes sense to you.

This time the contest will run for only three days. So entries will close Wednesday at midnight. Winning names are drawn from all entries.

Winners will be announced as soon as possible and winners’ cookbooks will be in the mail as soon as I can manage it. (My schedule is uncertain this week) I promise you will not have long to wait.

Please comment! The more the merrier!! Do enter! You may a winner!!!

15 thoughts on “WIN A COOKBOOK

  1. Anne Zickus

    I have been traveling since 10/14 and came home to find a copy of Michael Symon’s
    “5 IN 5” cookbook! Thank you, Paulette, what a nice surprise. I love the recipes, all seem easy to make and nutritious. Already made the eggs in avocado with tomato & basil….delicious. This will become a regular. Garlic chicken with asparagus is next on the menu. Thanks for the book full of new recipes to try and enjoy, it will be put to good use.

  2. Val Ferrante

    Cooking should be more than just food preparation. Cooking can and should feed the spirit as much as the food prepared feeds the body. A good cookbook and the recipes that fill the pages inspire us to make the magic happen.

  3. Lee

    Italian cooking is my favorite. Mediteranean foods are most healthy with olive oil, garlic, herbs, fresh veggies and fruits. So good!😃

  4. Kim Sass

    My favorite cookbook is one that I got from my grandma. She helped to create it with her quilters guild! It has my alltime favorite recipes from her in it! I love cooking and am fortunate that I am part of a family who loves to gather and eat!

  5. Susan King

    Do I need another cookbook – NO!!! But I do love them and would enjoy another to read and try some new cooking adventures. Yes, I can spend hours reading a cookbook! I particularly enjoy those that tell stories. Stories from a specific area; stories rich in family traditions or stories linked with travel, all entice me.

  6. Susan Carter

    I especially love cookbooks with beautiful food photography and those which tell more about the food than just list the recipe, ie: where the recipe is from,or how it was developed or why it is important to the author.

  7. Anne Zickus

    OK, it’s confession time…..I am addicted to trying new recipes, especially light and healthy main dishes and side dishes with lots of vegetables. Have found some winners, making a new casserole dish with cabbage this week. My philosophy is, if the recipe calls for ingredients I like, when I put it all together, it has to be good.

  8. Judy dawson

    I read cookbooks alot. They relax me and give me ideas of things to try. Yesterday I did a squash all day on low in crock pot and then split, deseeded and filled with previous days’ stir fry plus ginger, garam masala and Penzey’s new curry blend. Great for fall. Just love reading what real cooks are doing!

  9. Susie Brown

    I have given away so many cookbooks but I always love more. Cookbooks from certain regions always interest me and those put out by churches or other organizations are terrific.


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