This month I am giving away five fiction books. Please enter for a chance to win. To enter, respond to this prompt by replying to this post: My greatest reading pleasure this summer……….

Names of winners will be drawn from those who comment on this blog. Entries will close Thursday, August 27 at midnight. It is expected that winners will be announced here on Friday, August 28. Books will be mailed to the winners.

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail me or ask your question via the comment section. All books are in good condition, lightly used by me. Occasionally there are notations.

Don’t you love to be the winning reader you are?! Please comment and enter!

And, as always, one person’s so-so-read becomes another’s favorite.

Thanks for enjoying
If it seems boring lately, let me know what you want to see/read more often. Favorite topics? All opinions welcome. Names of all who comment in response to this post will be placed in the drawing hat.

15 thoughts on “WIN A NOVEL

  1. Jan Kuchar

    My greatest reading pleasure this summer was The Harvey Girls – Women Who Opened the West by Lesley Poling-Kemps. I learned a lot about the settling of the Southwest part of our country and the railroads. My grandfather worked for the railroad – in the early 1900s a very well paying job — but I never knew any of this information.

  2. karen weaver

    Under classics, I liked Milan Kunder’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. Also The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barberry.

  3. Karen Weaver

    My favorite book this summer was In the Country by Mia Avalar. This is a debut novel and it is written in a deeply compassionate and richly felt manner. As a reader, you care about every character in this collection of stories. As the author writes about exiles, emigrants, and wanderers uprooting selves from the Philippines to begin new lives in the Middle East (Behrain), the USA, and elsewhere you feel their los, displacement, and longing to connect.

  4. Judy Tolley

    My favorite was “Ava’s Man” by Rick Bragg. This was a most unusual read about Rick’s grandfather and warmed my heart. It gave me even a better glimpse of my own grandfather’s lives since they were similar in lifestyle. Definitely a good author!!!

  5. maryann phimister

    My greatest reading pleasure this summer was to just read for a diversion. I read many mysteries, some good and some not so good. My favorite was, I am Pilgram by Terry Hayes.

  6. alice reed

    My favorite summer read was like Judith, the Nightingale. I also just finished China Doll
    by Lisa See. I always enjoyed her books. She brings into the world of the Chinese
    especially during World War II. Alice Reed

  7. Marcia McAdoo

    Tough one because I have a couple fav’s. I’ll choose All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It is historical fiction telling parallel stories of two teenagers during WW 2 and how their paths come to cross. My bookclub will discuss this week. Good read!

  8. Susan Carter

    So far this summer my favorite read has been The Reluctant Matador by Mark Pryor. This is the most recent in his Hugo Marston crime fiction series and takes place in Barcelona. Hugo is the security chief at the US Embassy in Paris (retired CIA) and a delightful character. Pryor makes his books very interesting with complicated plots, lots of history and well developed characters.

  9. Ginny Jorgensen

    This summer I read Nelson DeMille’s “The Goldcoast”, the story of a wealthy, Long Island lawyer and his socialite, trust fund wife who get sucked into the mafia world by his new next door neighbor, a mafia don. It’s narrated by the main character who offers his view of events with hilarious sarcasm. I found myself laughing out loud through all of the 500 pages. It was probably longer than it needed to be but I was still sorry when it was over. Complex plot, great characters, tons of fun.

  10. Bernadette Mainzer

    Good topic, Paulette. My favorite summer read was Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand. Takes place on Nantucket Island (what’s not to like there?), while a dysfunctional family plans a wedding. Various chapters were narrated by family members. Interesting insights by several characters. Great beach read.

  11. Pat Gilmer

    I have enjoyed some rereading this summer. Just finished The Two Towers from Lord of the Rings & Gap Creek by Robert Morgan. Also finished recently a memoir, The Orchard by Theresa Weir. Since I mostly read fiction, this was an enjoyable change.

  12. Barb Dean

    My favorite summer reads were Ruth Reichel’s books. I’d not read any of them before , and they have been perfect light summer reading! With some great recipes thrown in for good measure as well.

  13. Judith

    My greatest reading pleasure this summer was The Nightingale …. yes, there were flaws, but the plot made up for them. Actually found it to be the summer of mediocrity … we still haven’t selected all our books for the Summerhouse book club.


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